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Private and small group training

Private volleyball lessons are available at the I-90 Volleyball Center.  Lessons are for any junior-aged boys or girls seeking instruction in the game of volleyball.  We have a wide variety of coaches that have many years of experience both playing and coaching the game.


NOTE: A parent and/or adult must stay at the gym and be present during the lesson. 

  • Parents are allowed to assist the coach by shagging balls, tossing and/or catching balls, etc., but under no circumstances should parents give feedback to their daughter during a lesson.


To set up private lessons for your child, contact the one of following SIVBC coaches:

Avie Niece - SIVBC alumni, former University of Washington Middle Blocker, current international player 

Eddie Guerrero - Current SIVBC Head coach

Ivan Maruta - Current SIVBC Head coach

Mariko Downey - Current SIVBC coach available for players U13 and younger



  • Private Lesson: (1 player) $80.00 per hour/player

  • Small Group Lesson: (2-3 players) $65.00 per hour/player


  • Large Group Lessons: (4-6 players) $45.00 per hour/player




Pay by check (made out to “SIVBC”) or with exact amount of cash. Payment due at time of lesson. Insert payment into a provided envelope at “drop box” at gym. Fill in label on the envelope with the following:


Name: (player name) and date of lesson

Amt: $ (payment amount enclosed)

Session with coach _____________


The drop box is located in the lobby.


Cancellation Policy:


Cancellation must be made by the day before the lesson to prevent charge.  Cancellation can be made by email, text, or telephone call to the coach.


For more information about private lessons:  Email


Required Waiver: Print out and bring to first lesson


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